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Pilot Ladder, Drewil

Item no.Pilot Ladder - Drewil

Pilot ladder with steps made of hard European beech wood with ergonomic shapes, rounded edges and special designed anti-slip surface.
  • Delivered with 4 pcs. 60 mm rubber-steps in bottom of the ladder as well as 1,800 mm spreader steps every 9th step.
  • The aluminium clamps are made with rounded edges ensures a very strong and tight clamp.
  • For every meter the distance pieces are high-viz are orange.

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The shape of the high-viz distance pieces, made of durable plastic chocks, increases the strength of ladder making it more secure to use.

Side ropes are of high quality 20 mm manila ropes with a strength exceeding 24 Kn.

Upon request, additional extending/securing rope with strength of 48 Kn can be delivered in the length required.

Pilot ladders are delivered with a securing rope with a strength of 48 Kn and in 3 meters length, type A.

Available in length up to 36 meters.

Approval: SOLAS/MED (by DNG-GL) and RMRS, ISO 799-1:2019

  • RMRS (Russia)
  • MED