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VIKING Norsafe Merlin-615 R MKI, 60 HP

Item no.Merlin-615 R 60 HP RB

VIKING Norsafe Merlin-615 R MKI 60 HP rescue boat has capacity for up to 15 persons. A high quality boat with excellent maneuverability and performance. Built in accordance with IMO/ SOLAS requirements, LSA Code and EC-MED

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The VIKING Norsafe Merlin-615 R MKI 60 HP rescue boat (RB) delivers reliable performance and excellent maneuverability at sea. Complies with SOLAS regulation offering self-righting in case of capsizing, and space for crew and stretcher.

  • Proven hull design for smooth ride and maneuverability
  • VIKING Norsafe marine engines offers high reliability and low maintenance
  • Optional engines sizes and variants can be provided
  • MED