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Cylinder, 6.8 liter, 300 bar, full, Scott Safety

Item no.1045689

Scott Safety's CYL-FWC-1860 carbon fibre 6.8 liter cylinder for 300 bar pressure with nickel plated brass cylinder valve is lightweight and less burdensome to the SCBA wearer.
  • Lightweight - composite construction
  • Comfortable to SCBA wearers
  • Delivered filled

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The compressed gas cylinders provides fresh supply of air to SCBA wearers. The cylinders made of steel are quite heavy to carry and can be uncomfortable for wearers.

Scott Safety's CYL-FWC-1860 6,8 liter 300 bar carbon fiber fully wrapped aluminium composite cylinder, CE specification is lightweight and with cylinder design life of 15 years.

Technical specifications:

  • Material : Composite, alloy / carbon fibre
  • Content : Pressure: 6.8 ltr / 300 bar
  • Thread : Cylindrical R 5/8”
  • Dimensions : L 650 x diam. 156 mm
  • Weight filled : 6.8 kg
  • According to : CE and in accordance with PED
  • PED