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Filter for Scott Full Mask

Item no.1046491

Filter for Scott Full Mask is designed for Full Mask types.

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Filter A2B2E2K2P3 for 1046487.


  • The filter protects against gases and vapours from organic compounds with a boiling point above 65°C, inorganic and acid gases or vapours, solid and liquid particles, radioactive and toxic particles and microorganisms. The filters have exceptionally low breathing resistance to provide comfortable and long duration use.
  • Material: Polypropylene, reinforced
  • Weight: 386 g
  • Dimension: diam x H = 110x105 mm
  • Scope of use: Particles (+ radioactive substances, bacteria, fungi, virus and enzymes.) Organic gases and vapours, e.g. from solvents with boiling point >65 °C - max 0,5 % by volume Inorganic gases and vapours, e.g. chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, hydrocyanic acid (prussic acid) - max 0,5 % by volume Acid gases and vapours, e.g. sulphur dioxide, hydrogen chloride - max 0,5 % by volume Ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives - max 0,5 % by volume
  • Breathing resistance: 30 l/min 1,3 mbar 95 l/min 4,5 mbar Gas filter capacity with test gas at 30 l/min (with a negative pressure respirators) Cyclohexane C6H12 (0.5 vol-%) 50min Chlorine CI2 (0.5 vol-%) 55min Hydrogen Sulphide H2S (0.5 vol-%) >120 min Hydrogen Cyanide HCN (0.5 vol-%) 56min Sulphur Dioxide SO2 (0.5 vol-%) 26min Ammonia NH3 (0.5 vol-%) 85min Particle filter efficiency at 95 l/min: Sodium Chloride NaCl (S) <0.001% Paraffin oil (L) < 0.003%
  • Storage: -10?C to +50?C
  • Limits for use: The filtering device may be used only if the oxygen content of the air is 18 - 23 vol.%.
  • Approval: EN 14387 and AS/NZS 1716:2012 EC
  • ISO