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HydroCO2 for HydroPen System

Item no.1079622

The HydroCo2 is an accessory for the HydroPen System, making the HydroPen System able to provide Co2 into a container. When the HydroPen System has penetrated a container using water pressure, the HydroCo2 can be connected to the firehose and provide Co2

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The CO2 are to be supplied by standard 5 kg. CO2 fire extinguishers. The discharge hose and horn on the CO2 fire extinguisher are removed and the HydroCo2 is then mounted on the extinguisher. Time for emptying a 5kg CO2 extinguisher is approximately 5 seconds. After that, a new 5 kg. CO2 fire extinguisher can be attached.

To avoid overpressure in the fire hose when carrying the CO2, an 8 bar pressure relief valve is installed in the HydroCO2.

Inlet: W21,8 thread for standard Co2 fire extinguishers

Outlet: Storz C (aluminum)

Hose length: 80 cm.

Weight: 0,60 kg.