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Jet/Spray Nozzle, Plastic, 16 mm without Adaptor, 2" BSP Male, AWG

Item no.1050702

Hollow stream nozzles with shut-off for the delivery of firefighting water in the form of full jet and selectable spray jet.
  • Low weight and absolute corrosion resistance to seawater.
  • The simple design means the nozzle is not prone to repair.
  • Low operating forces, extremely sturdy.

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HS nozzles can be conveniently and continuously adjusted from completely closed via full jet to spray jet between 0 - 120° by twisting the rubber coated head. Switching sequence: Closed – full jet – spray jet. The spray teeth have flat deflection surfaces on the inside and produce a spray the centre of which is directed forwards. This results in a large spray jet throw distance. Large drops for reach, small drops for cooling. As a result, universal and effective use of the HS nozzles is possible.



Operating head: Rubber (NBR) and chrome-plated brass

Barrel: Extremely impact-resistant plastic (POM)

Valve plate: Polyamide

Valve rod: Stainless steel

Outlet opening:16mm
Connection:2” BSP male thread
Performance: 470 l/min at 6 bar
Working pressure: Up to 16 bar
Throwing range: 4,5 m at 6 bar

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