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VIKING YouSafe™ Fire Ship Package

Item no.PS3789

The complete VIKING YouSafeTM Fire Ship Package is a reliable choice for Firefighters on board
  • SOLAS/MED approved firefighting outfit with the basic equipment
  • YouSafe™ Fire (PS6573), SOLAS fire suit with an Aramid outer shell
  • Includes gloves, Bullard® helmet and Harvik boots

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  • SOLAS/MED, EN469

Outer material

  • YouSafe™ Fire suit: Aramid

Colour options

  • YouSafe™ Fire suit: Orange
  • Harvik firefighter boots: yellow/black

Design features

  • Comfortable Harvik Firefighter boots (S-5260360xx), come with reinforced toes
  • Includes firefighting gloves (1017943-50)
  • Includes Bullard® Firefighter helmet H1000NP
  • Jacket has a front zipper extending to the top of collar
  • Loop intake at the wristlets
  • Radio pocket
  • Lining quilted with Aramid felt with DuPont™️ NOMEX® Viscose
  • Pants have adjustable braces


  • YouSafe™ Fire Suit: S, M, L, XL, XXL, SPL
  • Harvik Firefighter Boots: 36-50
  • EN469