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Lifejacket - VIKING YouSafe™ Ergo Infant

Item no.PV9516

Uniquely ergonomic SOLAS lifejacket tailored for maximum safety and performance with a host of outstanding design features.
  • Superior in-water performance
  • Allowing for easy, quick and safe donning
  • Single buckle system

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Outer material

  • PU FR coated polyester 310G/M2

Colour options

  • Orange
  • High-res orange
  • High-res yellow

Design features

  • SOLAS approved
  • Approx. 42 x 28 x 16 cm
  • Whistle, buddy line, and lifting strap in a contrasting color
  • Instant adjustment belt strap
  • Intuitive donning with preprinted instructions
  • SOLAS approved emergency light


  • Suitable for infants weighing up to 15 kg 

Service interval

  • No service requirement for the lifejacket
  • Light needs to be replaced every 5 years


  • Print, i.e. ”name of vessel, cabin number”


Download datasheet to see all features 

  • RMRS (Russia)