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Chemical Gastight Suit, Trellchem® Light TR, EN943-1

Item no.1070837 - 1070838

The Trellchem® Light type TR provides protection against hazardous chemicals in liquid, vapor, gaseous and solid form and specially good protection against acids and alkalis.

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The product is designed to carry the breathing apparatus outside the suit. The suit is fully certified in accordance with the European standard EN 943-1, type 1b-B.

The Trellchem® Light material is made of a strong and flexible polyamide fabric, which is coated with PVC on both sides. This construction provides a soft and durable material with good resistance to a wide range of industrial chemicals and the material is antistatic to EN 1149-5.

The suit is delivered without SCBA or any other type of mask.


  • Material: PVC coated polyamide fabric
  • Color: Orange
  • Weight: 8,5 kg
  • Dimension: 77X58X21 cm
  • Approval: EN 943-1, EN 14126 (infective agents), EN 1149-5 (antistatic suit material)