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Medical oxygen disposable and spare equipment

Item no.1085332

The set of medical oxygen parts does contain the parts and devices for the portable medical oxygen set as per IMDG/MFAG requirements.

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Disposable medical oxygen parts and devices are part of the portable medical oxygen set. This set of disposable medical oxygen parts contains the parts as per IMDG/MFAG, also available as spare set.

The medical oxygen disposable spare set consist out of various equipment limited to resuscitation purposes. The medical equipment per vessels is specific per Flag , type of vessel, crew size and cargo.

The disposable set is established based on the most common requirements and contains various disposable masks and guedels, rebreathing masks, catheter, Rescue Vac  and resuscitation bag with masks.  For crew above 15 person, extra numbers are required for some of the disposable parts. Complies with the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.

Consist out of :

  • 9 pcs Disposable mask adult
  • 2 pcs Disposable mask Child
  • 1 pcs Guedel airway size 1 - 7cm
  • 2 pcs Guedel airway size 2 - 8cm
  • 2 pcs Guedel airway size 3 - 9cm
  • 2 pcs Guedel airway size 4 – 10cm
  • 2 pcs Oxygen catheter 40cm
  • 1 pcs Oxygen mask rebreathing adult
  • 1 pcs Oxygen mask rebreathing child
  • 1 pcs Rescue Vac hand suction unit
  • 1 pcs Resuscitation bag with inhalation mask size 5
  • 1 pcs Resuscitation mask size 3